Tired of having insects, bed bugs Houston, and rats scurrying around your house? Don’t worry! Our pest control services are the answer to all your problems.


Pest control is an extremely important service that everyone needs to consider. Both residential areas and commercial owners need to regularly inspect their property for damages done by pests. If possible, they should be doing it at least every year.

That’s because it can’t be helped that some pests return after a few years. This is mostly because the amount of pests in one property influences the pests in the neighboring areas. These annoying nuisances can go underground, fly, or even latch on to your clothes. It gives them a hundred different ways to travel and migrate to another home. 

As a resident of Houston, we make sure that every area, every building is clear of pests. The one thing we want to avoid is a full on invasion that can wreck property values, cause public destruction, and spread diseases.

Who We Are

We are the top pest control and termite inspection Houston in the area! We do more than just get rid of bugs and rodents. Rather, we make sure that they never come back to your area again for a long time!

The thing about pests is that there is no one solution to permanently get rid of them. Because of this, a lot of residents and businessmen experience repeat infestations in their property. With us, you also get expert prevention advice from our team of professionals. From knowing the reasons why they come back to how you can spruce up your home to discourage them from entering, our team knows all about that!

Every customer has their own particular set of needs and circumstances. Together, we will work alongside you to identify exactly what you need and create a personalized treatment plan that is guaranteed to work against those pests.

A bustling city like Houston can’t help it if some annoying pests slip through the cracks. Fortunately, we are especially trained at bug and rodent control Houston, so we are able to catch all those annoying bugs and rodents in one go.

How We Operate

Our goal is to give you the best value for your money and provide pest control service for all.

We make sure that our prices are fit for the local economy. Nobody should ignore the importance of proper pest control and maintenance, so we tailored our treatment plans just for that! That means even if you’re in the lower end of the socio-economic bracket, you can still afford out service. This way, we can achieve our goal of creating a pest-free and safe environment for everyone! In our books, pest management is a necessity and not a luxury.

Having cheap and budget-friendly plans doesn’t mean lower quality! No matter who you are and what kind of service you get, our quality of service remains the same. Our exterminators are highly skilled in what they do that all of them are guaranteed to have positive results. Every termite inspection Houston is thorough and meticulously done.

Promise for Safety

One thing we strongly value in our line of work is health and safety. Did you know that the presence of pests is harmful to your health and brings disease? That’s why we can’t stress enough the importance of having someone regularly check your home for pests.

If you leave your pests unattended, they will overrun your home and bring bacteria into your home. Some pests like termite are also fast workers. That means that once they make their way into your home, they will start to destroy the very foundation of your property. Within two months, they can already cause damage to your home that can cost thousands of dollars. 

Ever worse, the more they are, the more they reproduce. A termite colony of around two million can destroy an entire house in just a year or two. That’s why even if you can’t afford to fully wipe them out, you need to invest in termite control Houston to reduce their population. 

For this reason, our exterminators would immediately act fast in taking care of your problems. Once you let us know of your problems, we will immediately start coordinating with you to schedule your inspection and treatment. The process of pest control is a whole day event, and people aren’t allowed to be inside or even near the area when we do it. Thus, you really have to make sure that it is done on a day where you can afford to be away from the house for a long time. But don’t worry, we can make time for you!

For our equipment and supplies, we source our materials only from certified and verified manufacturers and wholesalers. Chemical sprays and mists can be toxic to humans and pets, so we absolutely do not use any chemicals that aren’t approved by the state. Whether it’s the sprays used, the equipment set up or the chalk used for bed bugs Houston, all our supplies are proven to be effective and safe.

There are actually two ways that pest control is done: physical and chemical. The method that will be used varies on the kind of pests as well as the preference of the client. 

The first and most popular method done everywhere is chemical pest control. This involves using chemical treatments and sprays that kills and gets rid of pests. It is most commonly used when dealing with bugs. Chemical pest control is extremely effective, which is what makes it such a popular choice.

When it comes to dealing with termites, mosquitoes and other insects, the usual process involves chemical pest control. Different insects would require different formulas.

For termites, the first step always involves an inspection. These little guys are tricky because they can get into tiny spaces between floorboards and go underground. During this process, the exterminators will look for signs of their intrusion and identify their colony. Most people wonder if they can get rid of termites themselves, but termite inspection Houston actually requires a lot more knowledge than just finding holes in the wall.

A good exterminator like ours has knowledge on the building construction since it helps them identify the most important parts of the house. They will inspect which parts are most vulnerable and what are the necessary steps to take after. Then, they will begin the process of isolating the affected areas and put termiticide on the ground and around the house. After everything has been settled, a second inspection is done to see if they got everything.

In the case of mosquitoes, fumigation is the standard. The chemicals used in fumigation can have side effects to pets and humans, so you need to be away when this is done. Usually, you have to be away for at least 24 hours after the fumigation is done to prevent inhaling any leftover chemicals. When the area that needs mosquito control is outside, a tent is set up around the area to make sure the wind doesn’t blow it away.

Aside from getting rid of them with fumigation, exterminators also make sure to get rid of possible breeding grounds. These are usually small spaces that accumulate water or moisture. Stagnant water is usually where they lay their eggs. Side effects to watch out for are skin irritation, rashes, and possible shortness of breath.

Regardless of the kind of extermination you need, it’s strongly recommended to hire a professional because some types of extermination like termite control Houston simply cannot be done by the ordinary person.

Some people don’t really like the use of chemicals, which is why there is also the option for physical pest control. This method is also used for specific kinds of pests like rodents na bed bugs

With physical pest control, you basically used natural methods to drive them out, such as heat, humidity, and temperature. It can also include the use of traps, barries, nets, and pretty much anything that seals holes and passages in your house that can possibly bring in pests.

For bed bugs, the most recommended option is to use heat to flush them out. Some can also use chemical pesticides, but most bed bugs have developed resistance to them. On top of that, it’s hard to use pesticides because it has to be done on the exact spot where the bugs are, and you won’t always be able to identify it with bed bugs.

What they do is expose bed bugs Houston to high heat. They can’t stand high temperatures, so they would all just end up dying. The mattress and pillows are encased to keep them from getting in or out. 

The thing about bed bugs is that you can never really see them unless they’ve already bitten you and left their mark. That’s the main challenge that homeowners face when handling these guys because they don’t have the skills to really identify them. There’s also a new technology used specifically for bed bugs, which involves chemicals but less deadly for humans as it can only be placed in certain cracks.

Rodents can use either chemical or physical pest control as well.  For physical pest control, we bring in an expert in building structure to inspect the entire property. They will look for holes and cracks that may be used as houses for them. Our team will expertly seal all of them while also setting up traps around the household. This will limit their movement to increase the effectiveness of the traps.

Eliminating food and water sources are also crucial in rodent control, so we also advise our clients on proper food storage and cleanliness. Once baits and traps are set up, our exterminator team catches them in cages and sets them up for extermination.

There is actually a certain technique to doing physical rodent control Houston. It’s more than just setting up traps, but doing so strategically. Luckily, our team has been doing this for so long that they can almost already predict the behavior of rodents in your household.

If you’re concerned about harming or killing the rats, have no fear because the traps we use are non-invasive and won’t be dangerous for them at all. We make it a point to value all forms of life, so what we do is just put them in a little cage and have them relocated somewhere far, far from your home.

What We Offer

Our main selling point for pest control is our ability to cover a wide range of pest control. We have a team of fully trained pest control experts that can handle any job with damaging your home. Whatever the problem is, they can tailor their treatment to your situation while taking into account your concerns and health.

Luckily though, you won’t need to schedule several sessions when working with us. The way we handle rodent, bug, and termite control Houston involves getting all the pests in the shortest number of steps possible. That doesn’t mean we make shortcuts though. It just means that we have developed a process that allows us to strategically remove all them in the most efficient way possible. 

Each and everyone one of our pest control exterminators have gone through an extensive evaluation. We measured their skills, knowledge, and experience in handling various kinds of pests. Part of our evaluation process also includes verifying past work experience from previous clients. 

One of our top priorities is to always make sure that our clients get the quality customer service that they were promised. That is followed in all aspects of our company. From the moment they call asking for our next available appointment, all the way to the inspection checks done after extermination, we give it our 100 percent each and every time.

Whether you want physical or chemical pest control, we make sure that the equipment and chemicals used are recognized and certified by the government. All our supplies comply with the rules and regulations of the state and country. Our pest and rodent control Houston team makes sure that only legitimate supplies are used to keep our customers safe and healthy while we get rid of those little nuisances.