Bed Bugs


Do you ever get really itchy at night and see a lot of red spots on your pillow? That could be a sign that you have bed bugs Houston.

Bed bugs are really small insects crawling in your colors, pillows and even in your clothes. It can be very difficult to find, because most people only see the marks left behind instead of the bugs themselves. Even if you look at them, they’re so small you can’t take them by hand, so it is very important to a bed bug exterminator.

Did you know that Houston is actually part of the top ten cities with the worst bed bug infestation? Yes, it is that bad. That’s why you have to be extra careful in both preventing them and maintaining bug control.

You might have a bed bug problem if you find your bed uncommonly itchy right after washing it. Please also search the blood stains with the pillows and sheets. These bugs are probably crushed after biting you. They’re still really sly, and they only make their move at night.

Bed bug treatment Houston has become a staple in the city because of this. Everyone from residential houses, apartment owners, and businesses are subscribing to regular bed bug checks. That’s because they are hard to spot but easy to catch.

How Bed Bugs Travel

Houston is a huge city that regularly receives hundreds of thousands of travelers from all parts of the world. While that’s great, it also means that they can carry bed bugs with them when they visit.

The bedbugs are extremely disturbing because they will propagate through the numerous tourists. In reality, they bind to clothing, bags and other fabric goods. You can’t see anything too tiny or it looks like a bit of dust. it can be just like that. Once they’ve caught on to you, they can transfer to another location that you’ve come into contact with.

You won’t necessarily feel them, but it is also difficult to get rid of them. They switch from one human to another, from one place to another. You don’t know what kind of bacteria they took with them.

Restaurants and hotels should definitely look into bed bug treatment Houston because they are the ones who get the most visitors. For hotels and other tourist attractions, bugs can also get into your furniture, carpets, and couches. Since most hotels operate for 24 hours, you won’t be able to get them deep cleaned everyday. THe last thing you want is a guest getting bed bugs and leaving bad reviews.

When you do see them though, don’t feel too bad about having them. While habitual cleansing keeps them away, sometimes it can’t be helped that you get a guest who caught the bug without you realizing. 

Make sure you have a thorough and diligent person like our team when you have a bed bug exterminator! You don’t leave every corner and search any potentially infested location.

They are particularly strange bugs in that they aren’t necessarily attracted to food. Rather, they are drawn to warm-blooded creatures like humans.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

One thing that Houston bed bugs hate is heat. Pest control for bed bugs primarily consists of them warming up the bed covers, mattresses, and pillows to kill them. This can either be done through intense light or washing them in warm water. After that has been done, you can pretty much cover all the bugs in that particular item.

Vacuuming is also an effective way to get them. You have to really get into the inner parts of the mattresses to achieve this. A slower process includes putting the pillows and mattresses in a sealed and airtight bag. However, bed bugs can continue to live up to upto a year without food, so you have to wait forever.

Note that even though you got all the bugs in one item, that doesn’t mean the end of it. They can move to your clothes, bags, and even to neighboring apartments. That’s where the pest control expert comes in. They will use their knowledge on bed bugs Houston to get every corner and possible area that could be infested with bed bugs. 

What we do is put a special insecticide in the area to make sure that every one of them is taken out. These guys are super tiny, only about a millimeter thick. That makes it easy for them to get inside everything. Closed doors, cracks on the floorboard, inside cabinets. All of those are no problem for these annoying pests.

Our experts are fortunately well-trained in handling them. They know exactly where to look and what signs to watch out for.

For commercial businesses, it’s especially important for you to regularly have a bed bug inspector look though your property. This is to ensure that you kill any signs of them before they get the chance to lay eggs and reproduce.

If you decide to work with us, we can offer you a great package that meets your budget but also gets the job done. No Houston bed bugs have managed to escape our clutches. We promise to make those annoying insects go away. Our team can also offer you expert insights on how to make sure that they don’t come back. 

Let us know when you are available for an initial check up. With your excellent customer service, we can schedule a day to answer all your concerns and take care of your problem. Our policy is speedy but efficient methods that comply with the safety and health regulations by the state. So, you can believe that we are one of the most reliable and trusted pest control teams in the city. All our customers and clients have nothing but positive words to say about us and our team.

Get in touch with us now! The key to a clean home and property without any bed bugs is just one phone call away. You can even just call to ask us about what we can offer you.