Katy & Sugar Land


Living in Katy and Sugarland has its advantages, namely its beautiful and all-natural parks and landscapes. Unfortunately, it also comes with its downfalls, as it can also attract bugs and pests. But don’t worry, pest control Sugar Land is here to take care of them.

As good as the weather is there in Sugar Land, pests just love the sunny and moist climate that it regularly gets. That’s what makes them want to build their colonies more. What’s worse is that once there is a lot of moisture in the ground, the termites will be immediately drawn to them. If that happens to be near your home, then you better look out.

For a neighborhood with lots of people living in it, you can’t help but have a bit of dirt and trash sometimes. These clutter can attract rodents from the city. It doesn’t help that some houses can have basements and attics that can easily become homes for those rats. Give them easy access to food and a dark space that nobody ever looks, then you have a perfect home for pests.

That’s why we always remind the residents and citizens of the city to get their homes checked by pest control Sugar Land to completely avoid having them overrun your property. Once you start seeing some of them crawling around, then that means they’ve already started breeding.

In this case, you really have no choice but to call a professional because you won’t know how many of them are left around your household. Traps can work, but you have to always inspect your own home for cracks and holes that they could be using.

Another problematic pest that residents need to worry about are termites. You think that the large and beautiful houses of Katy and Sugar Land are immune to termites? Nope! Termites don’t care who you are or where you live. If they see a house made of wood and it is planted on the soil, then it’s just another prospective colony location to them. Even new homes can actually catch them if they’re not careful.

The main reason for this is that termites just love to travel around on the soil and expand their locations. Certain kinds of them can fly too, giving them extra mobility. Sugar Land pest control is designed to make sure that the entire community doesn’t get infested.

Many residents don’t immediately see the effects of termites, especially the most dangerous kind. They usually make tunnels within the wood itself so in hindsight, it looks perfectly fine. However, give them a few knocks, and you’ll find that they’re starting to become hollow in the center.

Termites would generally start from the ground up, which is serious because the structures that keep your house standing are in the lower levels. If you hire one of our termite experts, they can identify the entry points that are causing the infestation. 

The scary thing about termites is that you really can’t leave them alone because they’re working really quickly and can potentially cause thousands of dollars in damages in no time. In reality, these guys work every hour of the day with stopping. Just imagine if you have thousands or worse, millions of them under your home. You better say goodbye to your beautiful house because after a few years, it’s gone.

That’s why you should never skip out on proper pest control Katy. If you’re planning to sell your home, the value of it will plummet once they see what the termites have done to it. You will likely end up having to pay thousands again just to have everything repaired along with a widespread termite elimination.

Commercial buildings in the area should be wary too of the effects pests would have on their business.

Too many pests will kill the habitat of beneficial insects. If you grow crops in your land or somewhere nearby, then you should be concerned, because that means you’re going to get less production every harvest. Being able to grow your crops is a perfect way for families and local food businesses to get their ingredients. More home-grown products mean more sustainable lifestyles, particularly in these times.

Aside from that, all the warehouse and storage facilities in the city should be concerned of a possible rat infestation. Rodents can get into almost anything and unless you regularly check and move around the items, they might end up eating through them. Pest control Katy should then become a staple in the company’s health and safety protocols.

Being in a metropolitan area means you can also get rodent infections from some of the busier areas. These guys would go through the sewers and pipelines straight to your home.

Aside from that, you may also experience a lot of travelers, whether for tourism or business. Bed bugs are great at travelling because they just need to hold on to a piece of clothing and bag to get them to other places. In areas where there are always a lot of people like cinemas, theatres and restaurants, lots of people sit there everyday. Most of them don’t always get the cleaning that they need to. That means that they can be home to a few stray bed bugs. What’s even more terrifying with these guys is that they can live up to a year without even feeding.

Sugar Land pest control will make sure that every seat is cleaned and free of those bed bugs

Why Choose Us

The main benefit you get with working with us is our extensive knowledge on pests and other essential fields. We may specialize in rodents, bed bugs, and termites, but we also know a lot about other types of pests like mosquitoes, flies, and ants. It’s just that we target those three because it is the most rampant and common in the area. The Houston area, as clean as it is, is actually one of the top cities with pest problems.

Because we always get a lot of calls and projects, we have become trained and skilled in handling pests of all kinds, in every type of location. From apartment buildings to large entertainment businesses, we tailor our methods to meet your concerns and needs. We don’t use one generic method throughout all our clients because we know that pest control Katy Texas is not just one thing.

The thing that our clients love the most about us is our ability to give them different options. They can choose the more effective but mildly toxic method of chemical pest control, or they can choose the more taxing but chemical-free method of physical pest control.

Whatever they decide to choose, our pest control experts are trained in every method available. If you ask, they can even provide their own opinion on what is best to use in your case. You can’t always resort to fumigation if, for instance, you’re just one tennant in a building. That kind of process involves harmful chemicals, so everyone on the floor, maybe even the building, needs to be evacuated. Similarly, you can’t really use physical pest control methods if your house is already overrun with millions of termites.

It’s all about being realistic with what you can get given your situation. Of course, we promise that every method is guaranteed to have results. Pest control Sugar Land TX does not compromise its quality of services just because of where you live.

In the same sense, we also make sure that our performance is consistent across all our packages. Even if the price you pay is not as high as what rich people pay, you still get results that are just as good as theirs. We don’t discriminate on our services. We want everyone to live their lives safe and without pests. 

That’s because we are fully aware of the dangers that pests can cause to your family. Each of those pests could have been in two other locations before settling into your home. So, they could have brought with them bacteria from the worst diseases right at your doorstep. This is most commonly true for rats. Once they get a hold of your food items, there’s no eating those.

Similarly, bed bugs Houston also have a similar effect. They can travel so often that it is just disgusting to be thinking of what kind of disease they may already have with them. To make matters worse, you can’t immediately swat them away or trap them like rats. They are super thin and get in the smallest of holes. On top of that, they don’t really come out of hiding unless it’s at night. Even then, their size makes it almost impossible to spot them.

For large businesses, you really need to have a full pest control inspection for all kinds of pests. Part of the rules of running a business is health and sanitation. The presence of pests is the total opposite of it. However, a clean and meticulous property can still bring pests without them realizing. Always double check and regularly get inspections for termites, rodents, and bed bugs Houston to be sure.

We make sure that all our supplies are legitimate and safe for both people and the environment. It may sound contradictory since we mentioned using chemicals, but you should know that there are safe and proper ways of using chemicals. That is how we operate. All our insecticides and rodenticides are made by verified supplies. All their ingredients have been tested and monitored by the government, which is why they have been approved for commercials use.

Even with our physical pest control, we use equipment that is standard but effective. Nothing is taken off-shore or from the black market. We believe in honest practices that respect the laws and the value of life. Pest control Sugar Land TX won’t deliver gruesome or inhumane deaths to the rodents it catches.