Another annoying pest that can plague the city of Houston are rodents. Rodent control Houston is one of the more popular services we offer because large and bustling cities like yours are also a home to tons of rodents.

Because they are able to squeeze into anything, they can transfer disease and bacteria fast. You never know where they could have been. Maybe they were rummaging the dumpsters or crawling through the sewers.

What Attracts Rodents

Rodents are always around areas where there is food and shelter. That’s why disorganized and cluttered households are great for them. There are lots of tiny space for them to crawl under and hide in. It’s important to always keep your place clean and sweep away any crumbs on the ground. 

Alternatively, you have to inspect and seal all small holes and crevices that rodents may use to get in. Even if your home is clean, they can still raid your pantries and any unopened food left in the open.

Kinds of Rodents in Houston

Rat control Houston can vary depending on the kind of rodent in your home. 

First, there’s the Norway rats. It’s your typical sewer rat, large and dark. They live in damp and dark places. Generally, they avoid human contact, but they carry with them a lot of bacteria. You will often find them in the lower areas of your home because they’re not the best climbers. Most of their nests can be found in basements because of this. On top of that, they breed quickly, so you really need an expert for this one.

The next one is the roof rat. These guys can go up pipes, trees, and vines. As a result, most of them tend to nest in attics and such. You have to be really careful with this one because hardly anything can get in its search for food. They are a lot darker in color than the Norway rats. These guys are disease spreaders, and it’s even known to be the cause of spreading the Bubonic plague. A rodent control Houston expert would advise you on how to properly seal your home to avoid them from going up. They can access almost any entry point in your house, even the ones on the second floors.

For those with gardens, you need to be extra careful with Norway rats because they know how to dig. On the other hand, restaurants and supermarkets need to watch out for roof rats because they would try to ransack their storages.

How We Get Rid of Rodents

We actually have a variety of methods that we use to get rid of rats depending on the kind of area we’re dealing with.

The most common, of course, is setting up traps and rodenticide. What we do is more than just set up traps. We actually combined this with calculated methods to reduce their movement. The goal is to first make sure that they won’t escape or get in. By limiting their options, we can better strategize on where we will be placing the traps for increased accuracy.

For larger areas, we also offer the option to smoke them out. This way, we won’t be directly hurting them, and we can cover a wider range of alternatives. All of these are done with the best and latest equipment in the industry. No need to worry about any faulty chemicals or dangerous items.

Whatever rat control Houston method you choose, we make sure that it does not bother your neighbors or leave any rat nests behind. In apartment buildings, we can actually find a way to eliminate them without bothering or disturbing the neighboring units.

If you’re concerned about what happens to these rodents after being trapped, we won’t be killing them off so harshly. We will cage them and relocate them somewhere very far and away from your place. That way, they won’t be dying a painful death, and you won’t have to worry about them coming back.