Houston termite inspection is one of the most important things to have because these pests are one of the most dangerous ones to have in your home. That’s because the damage they cause can be severe and immediate.

It’s both easy and hard to spot a termite infestation. For houses with a lot of wooden furniture or have hardwood flooring, you will definitely notice the signs. For instance, you’ll find that there’s a lot of wood damage all over your home. This may be in the shape of a peeling paint or a break in the wall. However, certain kinds of termites act more secretly, so their damages won’t be seen right away.

Termites are the worst because there are two ways they can travel: through the air and underground. These bugs actually have wings, and they can get into basically anything that has contact with moist soil. To better understand the process of termite control Houston, check out this little guide we put up.

About Termites

First, the termite colonies begin underground, and they can spread through the ground as well. They sneak into small holes like cracks under the door or through the pipes. Termites can pretty  much smell if an area has weak foundation, so they will target those areas first and chew their way to a new home.

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that termites work faster than you think. Actually, they are so dangerous that they can destroy an entire house in just a few years. Even just having thousands of them for a few months will have costly damages.

Kinds of Termites in Texas

Because of the humid weather and moist soil, Texas is a favorite home for termites. It actually has two kinds in its ecosystem. Because of this, there tends to be a lot of different ways to handle termite inspection Houston.

The first kind of termites is the more serious kind, the subterranean termite. It’s also called the formosan termites. Most termite damages across the United States are actually done by these types of termites. Their teeth are almost like shears when it comes to destroying wood. With this, along with their ability to multiply like crazy, they can destroy an entire house.

What’s really alarming is that their work is often not as obvious as that of the drywood termite. They start underground, and most of their damage is hidden by wallboards and decking. Plus they work a lot faster than other termites, making them a formidable foe.

The way they travel is through the ground. They will build their nests beneath your home and chew on the foundation. They also pass through small passages that are just a couple millimeters thick. Oftentimes, they use vines, trees, and the pipes to go in. It’s so bad that termite control Houston is just not possible without a professional.

The other kind of termite is the drywood termite. With these termites, their nests are actually inside the wood itself. What makes them scary is that they travel by swarms. They would fly from location to another, and enter your home through windows and door cracks. 

Fortunately, they often don’t spread much like the subterranean termite. These termites can just attack a certain portion or item, so it’s much easier to have them contained. In this case, extermination can be done in isolated areas without having to go through a full fumigation of the property.

They target mostly deteriorating and rotting locations and can infest the same aea repeatedly. You can see damages done by them much more easily because they appear as holes or water damage or sagging ceilings. What these guys really in is a lot of moisture, so it is advisable to clear out any accumulating water around your house.

Our Houston termite inspection professionals will also give you additional instructions on how to avoid them from returning


Contact with the ground is the primary reason for getting termites. Moist areas are especially susceptible to these kinds of infestations. Decaying structures are also what can attract termites, so you have to be extra careful in maintaining your wooden furniture and supplies. Plus points if it’s a dark and isolated place where they are not distrubed. 

Lastly, the warm weather is something they absolutely love. Some seasons are more preferable for termites than others. Subterranean termites prefer early mornings of fall and late winter because it’s just the right amount of moist and damp. It’s also fairly dark, too. Drywood termites are more active in spring and summer.

Sometimes it takes an expert to identify the presence of termites, but it’s best to keep a watchful eye out as well. An expert termite inspection Houston TX can easily detect a sign of infestation. That’s because more than knowledge on pests control and extermination, they also know a lot about house and building structures. This allows them to easily identify target spots and see if they are compromised. 

Though if you want to make sure, watch out for small wings lying around the house. This is often a sign of termites, especially the subterranean kind. As for the drywood termites, you’ll be able to see the visual changes. Droppings that look like sawdust can also be scattered around your house. Watch out for your books as well because they would end up looking all crinkled and sunken in.

Flying termites or swarmers are normally out while hunting for new mates or a colony. If you see a lot of these swarmers in your neighbour’s house, you might fear that they might travel quickly to your house. Make sure to stay up-to-date on your termite inspection Houston.

Termite Control

Residents should watch out even if they don’t suspect an infestation. If anyone in your street says they have termites, you should be worried as well because that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear yet. Like we said, they can travel and travel fast. A colony of millions has no problem expanding their territory.

Aside from that, chemicals and attempts to get rid of them can force them to migrate to your home. That’s why termites are really a problem of the whole street rather than just one person. If you all do your part to keep them away, then you won’t have any issues with them.

You can’t really leave a termite problem, especially if you own commercial spaces. Collapsing foundations are not good for businesses, and it can devalue the property as well. That’s why many business owners for both private and public areas heavily invest in regular termite inspection Houston TX.

Commercial areas are advised to get inspection every year, while residential properties can get an inspection every three or four years at most.

If you’re looking for top quality termite control, then we are the people for the job! We take your problem very seriously because we know how dangerous termites can be. For this reason, we take calls about termites as a high priority and try our ebay to schedule an inspection at the earliest. 

Our methods include getting rid of them in a way that causes minimal damage. We want to salvage as much as we can of your home, with the safety of the owners in mind. We have a team of perfectly trained experts that can get rid of them all in one go. That way, we greatly reduce the risk of their population going up again. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the inspection you need! Call us for termite control Houston now!